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We believe different is always good

We Farm only the best edible insects

At Griidy, we wanted to see our crickets from farm to fork, and that’s why we have farmed crickets since 2015. It's only through understanding everything about the production of crickets that we feel we can farm world class quality crickets and make great tasting products. This only starts with farming and ongoing development processes.

We Advise

So, having learnt all about farming, we didn’t just want to sell products to people, we wanted others to have the chance to make a difference. So, we started spreading the word. We currently have 26 farmers in our network and we speak to hundreds more with our production business.

We Monitor

Once we had helped other see the light, we wanted to make sure that farmers had support to make sure they produced the best possible crickets they could. We also use the produce that our farmers create so its in our interest to make sure it is of the highest quality.

We aim to produce best insect food in the wolrd

And of course, we produce great tasting food and snack from these amazing insects, but it’s our involvement throughout the whole process that makes us special. We only buy insects from farmers we have helped and by supporting them we know we are getting the best available.

We eat and develop insect products all the time.

Finally, and most importantly, everyone one of us here at Griidy loves to eat insects, we would ask you to try anything we hadn’t already tested. Only the best gets through.