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Sea Salt Roasted Crickets

Finnish house crickets with sea salt. This is the easiest way of starting your journey into the edible insect food culture. They go great with all kinds of foods sprinkled on top to bring taste, razzle-dazzle, texture and awesome nutritional punch.

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Natural Roasted Crickets

Experience the taste of Finnish house crickets at its purest. Sprinkle in your porridge, salad, muesli, yogurt or smoothie. It’s easy to rapidly warm them with a little oil and your favourite spices as well.

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Garlic Salted Roasted Crickets

If you love the taste of garlic, this is your choice. These garlic flavoured Finnish house crickets are best enjoyed in pizzas, salads and soups. These are fabulous with tasty beer!

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Warm Chilli Roasted Crickets

“Chili Crickets”, inspired by the Mexican insect food culture, are happy to serve either as a snack, with tacos, tortillas or any tex-mex dishes.

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